Bolcar Law Office has been effectively providing legal solutions for individuals, companies and other organizations in Slovenia and other European countries for almost forty years now.

In the year 1978, lawyer Nada Bolcar first founded Bolcar Law Office. Since January 2013 lawyer Blaž Bolcar continues the tradition and conduction of this successful, professional and reliable legal practice.

Modern times require a quick adaptation of business to domestic and foreign circumstances, including regular monitoring of the legal practice development and at the same time achieving effective and comprehensive legal solutions. Traditional values of Bolcar Law Office are mutual trust and respectful relations with clients and business partners along with effective management of a wide range of legal matters.

The experts of Bolcar Law Office are distinguished by a high degree of professionalism and confidentiality, along with selfless commitment to the benefits and rights of the clients. The guides we faithfully follow at all times are professionalism, responsibility and commitment to the values of fairness, efficiency and goal-oriented attitude.

We are the right choice for athletes and rights holders, agencies, media, suppliers and investors in the field of sports.